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Let’s get crafty!

Part of my daily Tuesday routine is to deliver meals to seniors in the Sellwood area.  Meals on Wheels is a fantastic organization providing 5,000 meals a day to Portland seniors, as well as people with disabilities.  It is my pleasure to serve these folks meals, as well as to form a friendly bond with them.

I thought it would be fun to make each of my clients a special treat for the holidays this past Christmas.  Since Christmas Eve was on a Tuesday, it was perfect for gift giving.  I baked some extra soft Snickerdoodles and Ginger Molasses cookies for my friends.  I wanted to present them in a special way. There were some pictures of cool little tree shaped boxes in a Better Homes and Gardens magazine and I decided to try a little crafty action.  The boxes were perfect for the tiny cookies.  Here is how they turned out:

christmas 2013 006-001

christmas 2013 005-001

christmas 2013 002-001

I used poster board and glue sticks from the Dollar Tree.  I did have to purchase a bone folder from JoAnn’s Fabrics, but with a coupon it only cost $2.99.  And, hey, you can always use the bone folder for other craft projects.  I used the glue stick to attach wrapping paper on the fancier trees.  Just glue the paper on and trace your pattern on the opposite side.  Easy peasy, right?

If you would like to make tree boxes yourself, go to to download the template.  They are simple to make and a lot of fun.


Nothing says Christmas like camping at the beach

This is how we chose to celebrate Christmas 2011. For the past three years we have opted out of the tree, the presents, the stress and hassle. This year was a little different. Instead of no tree we were surrounded by trees. Beautiful, living breathing trees! And the Pacific ocean. Our gifts were the sound of the surf, a walk on the beach on Christmas Eve and a short hike on Christmas morning. Camping in a yurt for Christmas was brilliant! We were toasty warm in that yurt, sipping hot chocolate and watching silly movies on our computer.

Look at this beautiful coast! Katie wandered out on the rocks in search of starfish in the tide pools.

Beverly Beach State Park on the Oregon Coast is a perfect place to get away from the holiday hub bub. But even in the woods, people still decorated their RV’s and yurts. As we were strolling around the camp loop we passed a yurt that was totally tricked out in lights and a decorated tree.

I had never been in a yurt before, have you? It’s this totally cool already-set-up-for-you round tent. It has a locking door, a wood vinyl covered floor, a heater, a sky light, wood frame that ‘s covered in a heavy canvas. Yurts are amazing good fun! Ours had a table with 2 chairs, a futon couch, a coffee table (that became my kitchen) and a bunk bed with a full size mattress on the bottom and a twin on top.

Katie on the front porch of our yurt

We brought our bedding and camped in style with 1000 thread count sheets, a brand new mattress pad cover, down pillows and our down comforter. We were plenty comfortable.

Did you know you can make a pizza without an oven? I did it while we were camping. So easy, so cool, so tasty.

All you need is a pre-made crust and some toppings

I placed a pre-baked crust (Like a Bobali) in a wide skillet. I spread a layer of jarred pesto sauce over the crust, sprinkled some grated cheese, added chopped onion, jalapeño, soyrizo, black olives and tomatoes and more cheese over the top. The pan went on the hot plate, covered it with a lid and turned the heat on to the lowest setting.

Low heat and a lid - could not be easier

Then you just wait for the crust to get hot and all the cheese melts. The pizza will heat all the way through, the bottom gets a little toasty, but not burnt. I checked it periodically as it heated, just to be sure the bottom wasn’t getting too crispy. It was perfect.

There you go, Camp Pizza!

The cheese doesn’t get browned like in a conventional oven, but it the flavor was wonderful. After all, we were roughing it!

This is my portable kitchen, complete with 2 burner hot plate and an electric tea kettle!

We always have more food than we need!

Vampire Gran enjoying the beach on Christmas Eve - look at that beautiful blue sky!

Well, that’s the Readers Digest version of our Christmas at the Beach weekend. I hope you enjoyed the photos. You should do all of these things at least once in your lifetime: Camp in a yurt, walk on the beach and make pizza in a skillet. Happy New Year everyone!


Easter Fun

This past Easter I had a little fun behind the deli case.  While observing a co-worker trying to garnish a mound of tuna salad with a couple of radishes, an idea struck.  I asked if he minded if I tried something and, of course, he gave way.  The photo below is the rare Tuna Bunny.  Nothing says Easter like a tuna rabbit!

The rare, elusive Tuna Bunny

The rare, elusive Tuna Bunny

I also had fun with the Neon Pink Marshmallow Peeps, making them green coconut nests on top of the Chocolate Tulip Cups.

All the Peeps in the Pastry Case

All the Peeps in the Pastry Case

The Peep stands alone

The Peep stands alone

Have fun and play with your food!




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