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Boy, did we have fun!

I decided to try my hand at making a little movie presentation of our Fourth of July gathering.  We had some of our very special friends over to help celebrate the holiday with us.  As always, there was more than enough food.

We played darts, cowboy golf, badminton and of course, pool!  I spent a lot of time in what Katie calls my “natural habitat,” the kitchen, cranking out the goodies.  I even made a new barbeque sauce using rhubarb!  Thank goodness I had my grasshopper, Emily, there to help me.

We had hummus, pita bread, guacamole, bagel chips, grilled corn on the cob, grilled veggie skewers bathed with that rhubarb sauce,  kale and carrot salad, wheatberry salad and quinoa salad.  There were no lack of sweets.  I made peanut butter cookies, oatmeal triple chip cookies and lemon coconut pixies.  Emily baked a raspberry buttermilk cake which was the perfect foil for my homemade strawberry frozen yogurt.  Robert brought a perfect watermelon, beautiful fresh raspberries, red and gold, and blueberries.

I only wish I had taken more pictures.  Especially of us all shooting firecrackers and bottle rockets off!

Enjoy the film presentation.  (Ignore the date on the title page – this really was filmed on the 4th of July)


Spiced Plum Frozen Yogurt

Spiced Plum Frozen Yogurt

Spiced Plum Frozen Yogurt


My previous post was about that huge, loaded plum tree.  I shared with you what I did with some of those tons of plums.  So, now that I made a lot of plum syrup/sauce what am I gonna do with it?  I came up with a cool summer (or anytime) treat – Spiced Plum Frozen Yogurt.

My friend Nathan (from the Better Late than Never post) told me about a great use for my new ice cream maker.  “Just dump a container of yogurt into the machine and make frozen yogurt” he told me.   Brilliant! 

Greek God’s Honey Yogurt is fantastic.  If you haven’t tried it, I recommend that you do.  It’s almost like eating ice cream but tangy.  Super rich, it was the perfect foil for my spiced plum sauce.

I merely turned my Kitchenaid ice cream attachment on, dumped in a quart of Greek God’s Honey Yogurt and  one cup of the spiced plum sauce.  It took about 30 minutes for it to turn into the best frozen yogurt I have ever eaten.  Creamy, spicy and tangy and oh, so good!

I used a number 867 pastry tip and a pastry bag  to pipe frozen dessert for the presentation.  Old school champaign glasses work great and look classy, but you can use any type of serving bowl you like.  Be creative and have fun!



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