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Wanna lose weight? It’s all about the Pots and Pans

So, here it is, Sunday again.  That means no solid food is consumed in our house.  Yes, we are sticking to juice fast Sundays.  I actually look forward to this one day of the week.  As much as I love to cook, bake and eat, I also love feeling healthy.  Sticking to eating healthier foods and portions, both Katie and I are naturally, without effort, gradually losing weight.  It feels so good to slide back into some clothes we both thought we needed to remove from our respective closets.

One other change that happened in our kitchen was getting rid of old worn out pots and pans and replacing it with a new set of Simply Calphalon cookware.  Talk about a different cooking experience!  This stuff rocks!  My favorite pan is called the Simply Calphalon Everyday Pan and they’re not kidding.  I use this pan everyday for just about every thing!

Simply Calphalon Everyday Pan

The pan pictured above was actually a bonus gift with the purchase of a 10 piece set of Simply Calphalon cookware, but you can purchase it separately.  I use so much less oil with these pans.  It’s amazing!  I make whole dinners some nights using maybe 1 – 2 tablespoons of olive oil for the entire meal, including salad dressing.  No, I don’t make salad or salad dressing in the pans, I just want to make it clear how little oil you need with these babies.

10 piece Simply Calphalon Cookware Set


The everyday pan is a non-stick pan, but the rest of the set are not.  They are stainless steel with wonderful heavy bottoms.  I swear if you start using these pans they will be the only thing in your kitchen with a heavy bottom!  They also require very little oil and you get fantastic results.

I discovered something about cookware in the process of purchasing new stuff.  Do you know how bad non-stick spray is for your pans?  I had no idea and had been using it for years!  Apparently they contain a chemical propellant that is difficult to remove from cookware.  I always wondered why my pans no longer looked new and shiny after a short time of use.  The other thing I learned was to hand wash only – DO NOT PUT IN DISHWASHER! Harsh cleaning agents can discolor your cookware.  Ya’ learn something new everyday!

So, there’s my lecture for today.  Stop being cheap and go buy some decent cookware already.



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