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I left my Heart…………

On top of this cake!

Red Velvet Cake with Pink Tinted Cream Cheese Frosting

Friday, February 5th was National Wear Red for Women’s Heart Health Awareness Day.  Katie and I went to a party that evening dressed head to toe in RED.  The theme of the party was, of course, wear red day.    Almost every person in attendance was decked out in some variation of red.  No one was as red as Katie and I though.  We both wore red dresses.  Katie had white thigh high stockings with red bows on the front (so cute!) and I had red tights.  I even had a chance to wear my sparkly ruby red slippers!  I have little feet and wear a size 4 1/2 in girls size.  I always love it when I see little girls wearing the glittery red shoes.  When I spied a pair in my size at Target one day, I had to buy them.  Finally, a chance to actually wear them! 

And of course, I had to out do myself and bake a Red Velvet Cake for the  occasion.

Everyone oohed and ahhed as I removed the lid of my cake carrier.  “You are so sweet” cooed the party’s hostess.  It’s so pretty and pink!  “Wait until you see the inside” I told them.  A few of them had never had Red Velvet cake so they were curious to try it.

Sweet details up close

Katie and I went downstairs to the party room and remained there for a couple of hours, enjoying party activities.  When our tummies and brains told us it was time to return to the kitchen for some cake and coffee, we ascended the stairs.  We could hear a lot of chatter and laughter in the kitchen.  It appeared that most of the party guests had congregated in the kitchen.  I looked in the direction of where I had left the cake and the spot was vacant.  I announced that we came for cake and coffee.  A room full of people starred at us with a mixed group expression of deer-in head-lights and guilt.  “You didn’t get any cake?”  Nope.  “Ah, there’s none left”  “Sorry”  “It was so good!  Absolutely amazing!  The best cake ever!”

One of the gentlemen sheepishly slunk into the living room and returned with a small sliver of cake.  “I hid it for later, but you can have it”  Katie started to protest but I grabbed for the plate.  “Thank you!”  I said, proceeded to pour us some coffee and settle into that sweet pink and red goodness.  Man, it truly was good cake!

My only regret is that I did not get a photo of a slice of cake to share with you.  It was so pretty.  Guess I’ll just have to bake another one……..”wink!”



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