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Classes and birthdays and life, Oh my!

So, have you missed me?  Wondering if poor old Vampire Gran has fallen off the face of the earth?  Nope, just been having lots of fun!  I’ve taught two cooking classes in the past two weeks, one in my home kitchen and the other at the New Seasons Market Cooking School in Happy Valley.  Both of the classes were so rewarding for my students as well as for myself.   I took a chance and posted a shout out on for anyone interested in learning how to cook vegetarian fare.  A sweet young woman named Jess answered my ad and she and three of her friends came to my home and spent 2 delightful hours in my kitchen.  I taught them how to make Chili Cheese Tart and Tofu Veggie Stir Fry over Basmati Rice.  Yummy aromas wafted throughout the house and the ladies had a wonderful time, sipping wine, learning to roll corn meal crust, lining tart pans and filling it with spicy, cheese goodness.  They were amazed at how simple browning  tofu and then adding bottled teriyaki glaze to it transformed bland white bean curd into caramelized, salty sweet protein.  Lots of chopping sounds erupted as the girls cut onions, broccoli, red bell pepper, garlic and carrots into bite size pieces.  I taught them how to quickly stir fry the veggies and then toss in the prepared tofu.  A few splashes of tamari and chili paste and it was time to eat.  I only wish I had pictures to share with you.  Jess took lots of photos and I have requested some from her, but have not received them yet.  If she comes through, I will be sure to add them to this post.  

Class Schedule from New Seasons Market Cooking School. That's my birthday gift from my wife it's leaning against - a beautiful red Kitchen Aid Food Processor that matches the stand mixer she got for me last summer.

Last Thursday was spent preparing and teaching a Scones 101 class at New Seasons Market Cooking School.  What a fantastic place to teach!  Lots of counter space, individual stations for the students and with a huge specialty supermarket right outside the door, it was a cinch to shop and prepare for this class.  I had six students in the class and they all got to make their very own scones.  It was interesting to see all the combinations they came up with.  From very simple date and nutmeg all the way to coconut, chocolate chip, pecan,and  cranberry!  That kitchen smelled heavenly.  

In addition to all of this teaching plus going to work all week, my spouse and I each celebrated a birthday!  My wife’s birthday was on Monday February 1st and mine was today, Monday February 8th.  Since we share a birth month, I decided we should celebrate all month long.  It’s been fun so far.  We actually started celebrating early when my wife’s boss took us out for dinner the Friday before her birthday.  We went to one of our favorite Thai restaurants, E San in the Pearl District here in Portland, Oregon.  Our friends Lisa and Kelly were in attendance and it was a nice party.  Robert, the boss, spoiled us with a box of hand selected chocolates from Moonstruck Chocolate and a tin of Mexican Hot Cocoa.  

When I arrived home from work the Friday before my birthday, there was a big box waiting on our front porch.  I knew Katie had ordered something for my birthday and she was worried that it would not arrive on time.  It was a pleasant surprise when it arrived a bit early.  Since the writing on the outside blatantly told me what was within, the cat was out of the bag.   I sent Katie a text telling her the package had arrived.  She called me immediately and told me to open it, since I knew what was inside.  I put down the phone and eagerly slit open that brown box.  I lifted out the inner box and was stunned.  Katie had given me my dream food processor!  Empire red to match my Kitchen Aid mixer that she had gifted me with this past summer.  Little did she know that I had coveted and dreamed of owning that particular machine.  It had been in my vibrational escrow for at least  5 years!  And now it was mine!  I can’t wait to start using and writing about all the fantastic delicacies that will be coming out of that glorious red beast. 

So, now that I have you caught up a bit, I’m going to catch my breath, get a little rest and will be back very soon to write more and share more pictures of the luscious things that have come out of Vampire Gran’s kitchen.




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