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You like me, you really like me!

Yeah, I held the camera up and took a picture of my happy face!

I recently posted my 70th entry on Vampire Gran’s Weblog.  It was featured on the WordPress main page Freshly Pressed.  Completely blown away by the response would be an understatement.  I feel honored and blessed that people from all over the world looked at my photos and read my words.  Many took the time to write amazing and fun comments.  Who knew that a cake would draw so much interest?

Oh, No, You Didn’t drew 2, 355 hits in 24 hours!  As of this writing it has received 3,373 hits.  Wow!  There were 83 comments left,  a few by people who know me, but most by brand new readers from all over the globe.  I even got a comment in French, which I had to have translated.  Thank you, Robert!

I promise to comment back to each and every one of you.  I didn’t want any more time to lapse before I expressed my gratitude to everyone.  Honestly, if there was a way to virtually taste that cake, I would have shared.

Speaking of sharing, several people asked for recipes.  Well, not only am I Vampire Gran, I also have a streak of Evil Queen in me.  Ya’ gotta work for the recipe, people!  The recipes have all been featured in previous posts.  Well, I lied.  I need to post the recipe for the Red Velvet Cake.  I thought the post I Left My Heart….  included the Red Velvet recipe, but it only featured a picture of the cake.  Sorry.  My bad.  I will edit that soon and include the recipe.  Now, is everyone happy?

Thank you all again for your love and support.



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