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Spicy Cinnamon Sugar

Sweet & Spicy Cinnamon Sugar

Sweet & Spicy Cinnamon Sugar

You know what I think I like best about creating recipes?  Taking a simple comment and running with it.  This morning, Katie and I were eating sourdough toast with butter.  Katie went for the ground habenero chile in the spice cabinet and liberally applied it to her toast.  The woman likes everything spicy.  Then she joked “wouldn’t it be funny to offer this to someone thinking they were getting cinnamon toast?”  What can I say; my wife is a sick woman.

An idea clicked in my foodie brain and this next recipe was born.  I love sweet and spicy!  This simple, spicy sugar is great on toast with butter but I think it would be good on oatmeal or roll cookie dough in it before baking.  OOOH!!!  Snickerdoodles!  Ginger cookies!  Sugar cookies!  Try it and tell me what you use it on.  I think I’m making some snickerdoodles today.


Stir together in small bowl





That’s it, just cinnamon toast with a spicy kick.  You can use cayenne or chipotle powder if habenero isn’t available in your area or it’s just too hot for you.

When I was in Weight Watchers several years ago, there was this toast spread I used to eat.  Fat free ricotta, cinnamon and sugar substitute.  I deluded myself into thinking this was some tasty stuff, but anything flavoured with artificial sweetener pretty much sucks.  But, fat free ricotta and this spicy mix is great!  And nothing artificial about it.

I think it would be good mixed in with nut butters, too.  And maybe ice cream, the home made variety.  You could toss it in buttered popcorn.

CAUTION:  Will cause sneezing and coughing while you are mixing it.  Stir carefully.  Used with just butter on toast will clear your sinuses, so it will be great if you suffer from colds and flu this season.  Mixing with the ricotta settles it down as far as the sneeze factor goes but it still packs the heat.



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