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whatever, I need a grilled cheese!

With the return of the cooler weather here in the Pacific Northwest, the fall season has begun.  People are busting out their sweaters and umbrellas here in Portland.  Katie is sporting her leg warmers and fingerless gloves and I am craving comfort food.  I have no need for the warm clothing, as I am a hot blooded, menopausal woman.  What I do have a need for is melted cheese.  That’s warming, right?  No, I do not apply it to my body, although it does manage to find it’s way to my thighs, butt and stomach region.  Oh, and probably to my grandmotherly fat arms.  But, like the squirrels in our yard, I need a little extra padding for the winter, or so I tell myself.  Whatever, I need a grilled cheese sandwich.

So, today when I came home from work, I celebrated my Friday with a tasty grilled cheese and apple sandwich.  I figured since people like cheese melted over their apple pie, well some people do, then a sandwich made with cheese and apple might be pretty good.  I was right!  It’s pretty basic really, just bread, cheese and apple.  I used Havarti cheese, an apple from our tree in the back yard, I believe it is called a King apple, Dave’s Killer Bread and coconut oil.

The perfect fall lunch!

Up close and personal

This sandwich would be good with any kind of cheese, apples or bread.  The King apple was super crisp before I grilled the sandwich, but it did not snap when I bit into it.  The Havarti and apple just married perfectly.

Don’t be afraid, or turn up your nose, just try it. It’s not weird, it’s good.


Vegetarian Reuben? Yes, please!

A first shot, just to tempt you

I admit it.  I am a food tease.  It gives me great delight to tease and tempt all of you out there in blogville with stories and pictures of the food I create.  No one wishes more than I that there were scratch and sniff computer screens and virtual taste samples.  Then I could really get you going.

Last week I had some super strong cravings for a reuben sandwich.  Vita Cafe, here in Portland, Oregon,  makes a pretty good vegetarian reuben, but I think I whipped up one that could give Vita’s a run for its money.  Don’t get me wrong, I would gladly drive across town and throw  $7.50 down for one of their sandwiches, but I really prefer to cook and eat  here in the comfort of our fabulous home.

Would you like a step by step guide to a yum-tastic vegetarian reuben?  Well, you’ve come to the right blog.  First things first, the list:

Rye Bread – the best you can find

Sauerkraut – also, the best you can get your hands on

Swiss Cheese – I know you know what I’m gonna say here

Vegetarian meat substitute – I used Field Roast Wild Mushroom Slices

The dressing – I’ll tell you my recipe

Reuben Dressing

(enough for four sandwiches)

1/3 cup Vegenaise or mayo

2 tbsp ketchup

3 tsp prepared horseradish

1 tsp vegan Worcestershire sauce

salt and pepper, to taste

Step 1 - Butter bread slices

I place a sheet of waxed paper on my work surface or cutting board.  Butter the bread slices on one side and place the buttered side down on the waxed paper.  Place slices on swiss cheese on each slice of bread.  I’m making two sandwiches here, as you can see, each sandwich has cheese on the top and bottom.

Step 2 - "meat" slices

Next, place your veggie “meat ” slices on top of the cheese on one piece of the bread.  I like to fold the slices over, deli style.

Step 3 - mound the sauerkraut

Here’s a fun part.  Place the sauerkraut on a double thickness of paper towel and squeeze a lot of the moisture out over the sink.  This will keep your sandwich from getting soggy.  Then mound the sauerkraut on top of the “meat” slices.

Here's another shot just because I like it

See that jar of sauerkraut?  I love that brand, Bubbies.  I use Bubbies horseradish, too.  I don’t know who she is or was, but her products rock.

Step 4 - The sauce

Spoon or ladle the sauce over the sauerkraut.  Be generous with it, but don’t go overboard or your sandwich may be difficult to flip over.  Place the other cheese topped bread slice on top of the sauce and you’re ready to grill it.

Grill it

Grill in a non stick pan or cast iron skillet, for best results.  Keep the heat pretty low, you want the bread to slowly brown and the cheese to get melty.

The perfect amount of sauce

See that little bit of sauce?  Perfect!  You don’t want it running all over the pan.  It will burn before your sandwich gets a chance to brown.

Golden brown, just the way I like it

See the nice melty cheese?  No sign of sauce running amok.  I did turn these over again and got the top parts a bit more grilled before serving ’em up.

Take a closer look

These look perfect.  I am so hungry right now.  I am actually making these again tonight because all day yesterday, Juice Fast Sunday, I was editing the photos and, well, it was a hard fast day, let me tell you.

Seriously good

OK, I can’t stand it.  Now I’m teasing myself!  I have to go make dinner, right now.  Bon Appetit!

One last parting shot



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