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Daylight in the Garden of Good and Tasty

I am so glad I planted early this year!

A couple of months ago, March 30th,  to be exact, I wrote a post about planting our garden.  I likened myself to Martha Stewart, sort of, well, in the fact that we both have gardens on our estates.  I sure wish I had a couple of henchmen though, like Martha, who could help with all of the details of said garden.  Oh, I guess they are called gardeners, not henchmen.  Drat!  I really want a henchman.

Anyway, this short post is an update complete with a few photos of how the garden is progressing.  The top shot is of a Golden Beet plant.  We’re pretty stoked about growing our own beets.  I think I’d like to show some before and current views of the raised beds.  Here goes:

Day one - Lettuce

When I first planted the lettuce, some kinda bug thought it was Hometown Buffet or something.  Small bug teeth sized holes started to appear in the leaves almost immediately.  Katie was concerned as was our friend Emily.  I’m the kind of gardener who plants things and just expects them to grow.  I believed that if I was meant to grow lettuce, it would grow.  My inner being never lets me down.  Here is what the lettuce looked like this morning and, mind you, I added nothing to the soil nor did I put anything on the leaves.  100% natural and organic, baby.

Can you believe it?

Here’s a nice close up shot:


So, let’s take a look at the beets progress.  We are really looking forward to not only eating the beet roots, but also the tasty greens.  This is the ultimate no waste vegetable.

Day one - Beets

The plant front and center in this shot is the same Golden Beet whose picture graced the beginning of this report.  Not bad, eh?  Here’s a shot of the whole group.

Growing like, dare I say it, weeds?

The plants in the background are broccoli.  You may be noticing the yellowing outer leaves here.  I’m leaving  those leaves on, even though the pictures would look better if I manicured the plants a bit.  But I’m thinkin’ maybe if the moocher bugs return, they can gnaw on the crappy leaves a bit, get pissed off and move on.  Ours is not the only garden on the block, ya’ know?

Some new additions

If you recall, the chives, on the right, were the only thing that survived the winter.  Since March, I’ve planted parsley and some Orange Thyme, back in the corner.  I still need to buy some basil and I would also like cilantro.

Yeah, I know I need to weed, but it's been raining cats and dogs here in Portland!

These are shelling peas and in the background you can see leeks.  In the past I have only ever grown tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and a few herbs.  This is really fun growing our food.  Speaking of tomatoes, I need to get some planted soon.  I mentioned in my other gardening post that our next door neighbor is a Master Gardener.  She generously shared three tomato plants and a green bell pepper with us.  She has the coolest little greenhouse and always something growing in there.  No, I haven’t noticed any bright lights coming from there at odd hours.   Man, you guys!

Thanks to Miss Snowy, we will have tomatoes

Okay, well that’s my update for now.  Oh, there’s a break in the rain.  I’m outta here.  I have some weeds to pull!


Sunday, Juicy Sunday

Orange, Pineapple, Banana Smoothie to start the day

Katie and I have started a new weekend routine.  For the past four weeks we have declared Sundays Juice Fast Day.  That’s correct, we consume mostly fresh juice for the entire day.  I say “mostly” because sometimes there is the occasional bottled V8 juice thrown in the mix.  We start the morning with coffee ( I know, also not juice!) and a smoothie.  Ok, all you purists out there, I confess the smoothie is not total juice.  I juice a whole fresh pineapple, thanks to the Champion juicer, and fresh oranges in the Sunkist commercial juicer. Pull out the blender, toss in a banana, pineapple, and orange juice and a splash of vanilla soy milk.  Add some crushed ice for thickening and the chill factor and blend away!  It is so good!

Mid morning comes the veggie juice combo.  Our current favorite blend is this:

Kale, carrot, celery, beet and jalapeno for a little zip.  The flavor is amazing!  Sweet, savory and a little spicy.  Perfect for the mid morning pick me up.

The Champion Juicer working it’s magic for our taste buds pleasure

Not only is this drink tasty but it is so pretty!

Served up in expensive wine glasses, this juice is beautiful as well as delicious!

Every week I save up my vegetable scraps and make vegetable stock.  You may have read my post entitled “By the Time We got to VegStock”  a few posts back, where I wrote all about the making of said stock.  Anyway, on Juice Fast Sunday I heat up veg stock, add a splash of tamari, a few shakes of Brother Bru Bru’s African Hot Sauce,  a bit of spicy hot V-8 juice and a tablespoon of miso and let it simmer until the miso goes all soft and blendable.  Then we pour big “Friends” style coffee mugs full of it and sip to our hearts content while we watch a movie or a silly TV show.  The hot liquid is really satisfying, especially when we start to get a little peckish later in the day.

The evening repast

Remember that pineapple and orange that I juiced for breakfast?  Well, we don’t use all of that juice for the smoothies, so we always have some left for staving off hunger later in the day.  The sweeter the pineapple, the better.

Fresh pineapple Orange Juice

Well, I have one more juice to share with you.  This one is nice anytime of the day, but I love it for our last juice of the day.  Organic carrot and organic Fuji Apple Juice.  OMG!  It is so sweet and heavenly!  We are so spoiled with all of the organic produce available to us here in Portland.  And Katie and I are extra spoiled because I work for a grocery store where  practically everything in the produce department is organic and locally grown!

Organic carrot and organic Fuji Apple Juice served up in chilled pint glasses

I hope I have inspired you to try drinking more juice or perhaps try the juice fast for a day.  Hey, if nothing else, how about all the pretty pictures of our cool glassware?



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