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Melted Butter and Mayo, You’ve Been Replaced

Jumbo artichokes in the produce department at work

My last post I shared a great recipe for Kale and Carrot Salad, right?  Well guess what I discovered?  That dressing for the salad makes an awesome dipping sauce for steamed artichokes.  Seriously, it’s super yum. 

We’re eating so much healthier these days and I try to cook with a wide variety of veggies.  The other day I just had to buy a couple of these jumbo bad boy artichokes.  Most people like to dip the leaves in mayonnaise (gross) or melted butter (good, but, not-so-much for the body).   I used to use some low fat salad dressing, but I’m so over bottled dressing and haven’t bought any for years now.  So what’s a girl to dip her choke in then? 

That’s when it me!  I had some left over spicy sesame dressing from the kale salad we had for dinner the night before.  Brilliant!  Oh, the flavor is so complimentary with the sweetness of the artichoke.  Plus, the dressing has such a bold flavor that you only have to dip a tiny bit to get a good punch. 

So, get to the store, buy some artichokes, and while they are steaming, whisk up the dressing.  Great with a meal or just by itself for a healthy snack.  Dig in!



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