A Wish Granted from the Universe

Ruth Reichl

Ruth Reichl

I am so stoked! I just found out that one of my food idols is coming to town next week. She’s not a celebrity chef, but she is definitely a cook extraordinaire. Ruth Reichl is the editor-in-chief of Gourmet Magazine. She has written several books, and her latest, “Not Becoming my Mother” just came out. I have read all of her books and was planning on buying this newest one, but to own an autographed copy is a living dream. I love the way she writes. Witty and chatty, like visiting with a good chum, I can tune the world out when I am soaking up her words.

I have a strong belief in the law of attraction and I was just saying last week that I would really, really like to meet Ruth Reichl. I know the Universe heard my request and is only giving me what I asked for. It all happened pretty fast. I never read the newspaper, but for some reason today at my lunch break, I picked up the entertainment page of the Oregonian and was looking to see what movies were playing at the Kennedy School. Nothing of interest to me, but the ad below the Kennedy School was for the Bagdad Theatre and I saw her name – RUTH REICHL. I felt chills. I got extremely excited. I started talking about how much a admire Ruth to anyone within earshot. Only two people knew who I was referring to, but they could all tell how important this was to me. I was even told “You’re so cute” like I was a little kid or something. I felt as excited as a little kid on Christmas morning, because I am getting what I asked Santa (aka the Universe) for.

So, now, dear Universe I want to meet Ruth, get her to sign my book(s) and have my picture taken with her. And I can feel that all of this is going to happen, just like I intend it to.

The Ruth I admire, wild hair and big grin

The Ruth I admire, wild hair and big grin

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