The Granwich


The Granwich

The Granwich

I like to make sandwiches for people.  It is my belief that you can take the exact same ingredients for a sandwich, give them to more than one person and you will get variations on that sandwich.  For me it’s all about how the sandwich is put together.  The layering, if you will.  My mouth will taste an entirely different flavor and texture if that sandwich is not layered a certain way.  For example, if you put the cheese in the center on the sandwich instead of resting next to the bread, your mouth will know the difference.  Don’t believe me?  Try it.


When I had my business “Naked Baker” my sandwiches were very popular.  Well, truth be told, all of my menu was popular, but people really liked my sandwiches.   I know it was because of the layering process I insisted upon.  I remember making a little diagram of how the sandwich went together.  I didn’t need it, of course, it was for if anyone was helping me make all of those sandwiches.  I don’t have a scanner or I would draw one and show you.  Perhaps in the future I can add one in.  So, without further ado, here is my tried and true layering process for a sandwich.


Take your slices of bread from the bag making sure that they are the slices that are next to one another.  In other words, don’t go rummaging around in the bag and pulling out two slices willy nilly.  Make sure they are the ones touching each other in the bag.  Now open them up like you were opening a book.  Why?  Because they match.  You want your sandwich to have symmetry.


I always use Vegenaise but you can certainly use mayonnaise, just make sure it’s the best, if you get my drift.  Spread one or both pieces of bread with the mayo. Are you going to use mustard as well?  This is important because the mustard always goes on the slice that will become the bottom of the sandwich. You can spread the mustard on top of the mayo if you are using mustard. The mustard goes on the bottom because the cheese is placed on the mustard spread bread.  Mustard compliments the flavor of the cheese, that’s why you want them touching.  Mustard does not compliment the flavor of lettuce and that is why you do not want mustard on the top piece of bread.  Complimenting the lettuce is the mayo’s job.


OK, so now we have the bread, mustard and cheese in place.  Next comes the deli slices.  I use vegetarian slices, you may use whatever you like.  Gently fold the slices not quite in half, the shorter half is on the bottom.  I usually use 4 slices, placing them in a slight overlap so they don’t pop open.  Next I slice the tomatoes, about ¼ inch thick and pat them on a paper towel.  This will help keep your sandwich from getting too soggy or dripping all over your plate and/or clothes.  Place the tomatoes slices on top of the deli slices, usually two slices of tomato is perfect.  The weight of the tomato will keep the deli slices in place.


Are you an onion fan? How about pickles or hot peppers?  Olives perhaps?  Well, step right up if you like any or all of these guys.  Slice your onion (I prefer red onion for most sandwiches) as thin as you can.  A mandolin or slicer comes in handy for thin slicing if you don’t have a good sharp knife.  And, by the way, why don’t you have a good sharp knife?  You really need one to do any kind of cooking, especially sandwich making. Scatter the onions thinly over the top of the tomato.  Next place a few pickles and/or sliced hot peppers for some zip and zing over the onion.  Thinly sliced red, orange or yellow bell peppers are also nice additions at this point.


Avocado anyone?  I love avocado on sandwiches.  I love avocado period.  Now is the time to add the avocado, if you are using one.  Why now?  Why not on top of the tomato?  Well, my friend, the tomato tends to be a bit slippery, even when you pat it somewhat dry.  The onion and pickles will help hold the avocado on top of this ever growing Granwich.  It’s important to slice the avocado about the same thickness of the tomato. It’s also important that the avocado is not too hard or soft.  Hard avocado has no flavor.  To me they always taste like lawn.  And soft avocado has only one good use and that’s called guacamole. Trust me, it’s a texture thing. I also like to sprinkle a little kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper on top of our green fruity friend.  Ok, let’s top this bad boy off with some lettuce (I prefer Romain but green leaf will do in a pinch) and place that bread spread with mayonnaise on top.


You now have a beautiful creation.  I like to cut it on the diagonal and eat it from the cut end.  There is something offensive about biting into the crust first on these Granwiches, but that’s just me.  You enjoy your creation as you see fit.


Let’s review.  Bite.  Taste.  Observe.  Freshness of the bread, creaminess of the mayo, crunch of the lettuce, nutty flavor of the avocado,  tartness of the pickle, searing heat of the hot pepper, sweet heat of the onion,  cooling sweetness of the tomato, savoriness of the deli slice, creamy comfort of the cheese, tang of the mustard, and back to the freshness of the bread.  What a treat!


When you stop to think about it (which I did as I was making one this morning) the Granwich is a complete meal.  The reason I stack or layer it the way I do is twofold.  It is deliberate flavor combinations but it is also a meal.  As you bite down you first get your salad and bread course, next comes a bit of a side/veggie course, then the protein and (some may argue this) your dessert course is the cheese and bread.  Or you can always eat a cookie after!


I never thought I could write almost two pages on how to make a sandwich but here you have it.








3 Responses to “The Granwich”

  1. April 27, 2009 at 7:30 pm

    Hi my love! Thank you for the masterpiece of a Granwich that you made for me to take to work today. I’m in heaven!

    Will you marry me?

    XO, Katie

  2. May 5, 2009 at 7:49 pm

    5 May 09 ~ Oh my goodness! The Granwich you made me today is off the charts, amazingly delicious! I think you’ve achieved Sandwich Nirvana.

    I love you! Marry me?

    XO, Katie

  3. 3 vampiregran
    May 5, 2009 at 8:06 pm

    Well, I do my best to please you, my love.


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